Angel Mangual | Owner

Angel has over seven years of experience in outdoor climbing and route setting. He's an experienced climber with many first ascents in Cochise Stronghold and Mt. Lemmon. Angel's enthusiasm for climbing and natural leadership skills resulted in being named Bean Master (Master of Ceremony) in Spring 2012 for the BeanFest, which is a biannual gathering of Southern Arizona climbers and other national and international climbers in Cochise Stronghold.

Angel served eight years in the United States Air Force as a radio and computer operator. He has his Bachelor's Degree in Information System Technology, and he is currently pursing his Single Pitch Instructor Certification.  

Training people to climbing is a passion that Angel is already doing part-time, but his dream is to develop a climbing business which will become his full-time occupation.

Zenobia | Front Desk

Zenobia started climbing in 2010 when she was in college and working as a Martial Arts Instructor. She's a National Champion in the 4x100m relay and a 3rd degree black belt with the World Tang Soo Do Association! Zenobia loves the balance of freedom as well as the discipline that climbing provides. You can often find her coaching kid's climbing classes and birthday parties.

Caitlyn | Front Desk

Caitlyn was born and raised in Sierra Vista! She grew up in the mountains and has always loved the outdoors. When she was introduced to rock climbing at CIBA in 2016, her perspective of the beautiful Southern Arizona mountains changed. Climbing has become a freeing experience for her. Today Caitlyn feels as though she born to climb and she's ready to spread her love for the sport to others.



Isaac | Route Setter

Isaac, a Sierra Vista native, was introduced to climbing at the age of sixteen and he quickly caught on to the sport. Now with about two years of climbing experience, he has become a route setter at CIBA. He truly has found a passion in rock climbing!