How We Got Started

CIBA was founded in 2015 by Angel Mangual. Angel moved to Sierra Vista, Arizona after serving in the a United States Air Force. Since moving to the area, he became captivated by the beauty of the desert landscape. Shortly after, he was introduced to outdoor rock climbing, which has become his passion and his life. Angel has found his paradise on earth with the numerous nearby climbing crags such as Cochise Stronghold, Dry Canyon, Mt. Lemmon and Hueco Tanks.

Angel opened CIBA Climbing with the goal to provide the community with a diverse method of exercising, without the traditional monotony of a conventional gym. He wanted to create a fun, controlled environment where people of all ages can socialize, exercise, and improve their climbing skills. CIBA places a high priority of being involved in the local climbing community, whether it's bringing the Reel Rock Film Festival to Sierra Vista or cleaning up a local crag.

CIBA's top-of-the-line bouldering floors and beautiful geometric wood walls were custom-designed and built by Vertical Solutions.


Our Name

Ciba means “rock” in the Taino language. Tainos were the noble and brave natives of the Caribbean island when it was discovered by Christopher Columbus. CIBA Climbing focuses on bouldering, which is the simplest and most unrestricted form of climbing. All the climber needs for bouldering is their climbing shoes, chalk bag, and crash pad.